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We are a small community of poets, writers, and artists.

It is our aim support what could be described as an offline culture.

We are interested in what writers and visual artists create in solitude, that stretch of time when distractions fade, and deep wells of thinking and feelings emerge.

We aim to spark conversations between those who find artistic expression, philosophical comment, and reverence for the natural world a critical counterweight to the racket and fragmentation of what is deemed as modern day living.

We want hopefully to preserve as much human contact as possible, in what is fast becoming an increasingly digital world.



*Since the implementation of the new Data Protection measures, I can no longer necessarily ask for, and do not plan to keep a record of your email addresses, so if you wish me to reply to your query or remark personally, I leave it up to you individually as to whether you chose to supply an email address where I can contact you.*

You can contact me however at : 

I am planning to create a  page where I shall be answering questions, comments & queries on the basis of your name only. ( Just got to think of a suitable title for it! ….)

Thank you, Dusti.