Reflections (Forgive & Forget)

I don't bear grudges,

I just have a very long memory.

(Growing shorter by the minute,

with the passing of the years)

Forgive and Forget?


Mirror Images

(Alice's 'Through the Looking Glass)

It was very long ago.

With all those feelings

Of being somehow

So far away

And of course

I was then

So much stronger

Than I am today ...

It really was

very long ago

But then not so very far away

I thought I was 

That much stronger

Than I feel today.

Breastfed baby,

Not on the bottle

Then the downward

Diving down slopes.

Boy friends,

Girl guides,

Wanton women,

Male mates.

All in a life.


'Seven in One Blow'

I hear that the weathermen

Predict that two months worth

Of winter rain will fall in one day.

In early June.

Sounds like a 'belting' fairy story to me.

Something on the lines of the Brothers Grimm's,

'The Brave Little Tailor'


A Tale of Two Days

Yesterday the sun shone down

And the Gods did smile.

Today the rain has arrived in droves

And the land is soaked.

if yesterday was but today

Then the story that was written

Could have been very different

And the ending would have been

Such a shame.


A review of 'Confinement in Croatia (and other Blogs) by Chris Phillips

"I would hate to play him at Poker.

And a game of Chess could prove difficult.

And I am considered no slouch at either.

It has taken less than fifteen minutes this time;

To stun me yet again into admiration.

This is now the fifth occasion I have crossed swords

With his intellect.

and the result has always been the same."

*Sharp as Mustard. Cold as Ice*


Polling Day

Polling Day.

Faithful followers

Of all political persuasions,

Knocking on doors.

Desperately trying to rally the troops.

Seemingly to no avail.

Doesn't bother me though,

I've got a postal vote!


I needed an Hour

I needed an hour,

For the rain clouds to stay on high.

I needed an hour,

For the wind to keep them blowing by.

I needed an hour,

For all the wet washing to dry.

I needed an hour.

But did I get it?

No, not I.


Writing Prompt - 'Throwaway Lines'

Her name was Belle. She was a beautiful blonde. He was definitely interested; but as her friend said " She is Rumanian and doesn't speak English" ...


The Man from the Ministry

They had a problem,

So they sent for him.

The Man from the Ministry.

To look for something that was lost.

To find the thing that was missing.

Their peace of mind.



Promo for a forthcoming blockbuster of a book!

"If you have to ask the price, you probably couldn't afford me anyway ...."  Belle Dubois

‘Cajun Beauty’

Some say she’s ‘Sassy’
Many call her ‘Tramp’
I just call her ‘Belle’.

Both of us doing 
What we have to;
To survive through
Each and every day
In this stinking hell
Which we dwell.

Folks call me ‘Preacher’
To the others I am the priest
Then there are those
Who like carrion,
On my eternal soul
Want to feast.

Taken from 'Blowin' the Blues' (A Story of the South)

*To be published hopefully later this year by Maverick Mustang Manuscripts ​*

"The Crisis has been averted, for now ….

All we have to do is deal with the Aftermath! ….

(On the discovery and subsequent draining of an outspanned-hand sized tumour, attached to my brother's lung and heart. Now awaiting the results of the biopsy to determine whether chemo or radio therapy will be a solution given that surgery is not an option) 


"Who knows how these things start, … A whispered word, a phrase overheard, bar-room bantering, listening to loose-lipped lies … But as someone said, publicity counts, however it comes …"


"Just sometimes, you have to cut your cloth, to match the pattern of the weave, especially when it is plaid …. "


Trading posts were where trappers brought their furs and pelts to trade. Prospectors brought silver, copper, iron ore. Gold dust and nuggets, diamonds. Native Americans (the Red Indian tribes) brought their artefacts to trade with the White Man. Settlers bought lumber to build homesteads, seeds and saplings to plant.Wire for fencing to set down their roots. Purchased general provisions and supplies. People picked up their mail, learnt the latest news and left information for others. Seemed like the perfect name for a group based on the principles that it was founded on. Namely that the best recommendations are by word of mouth by people who know people who know other people and so on.


"Some days, Lord, the load can get very heavy, like when they send your brother home from hospital to 'sort out affairs and spend some time with the family' …."




"Welcome to my Web."

Said the Spider to the Fly,

"Are you here to dance, perchance?

Or did you come to die?"


​The Shanty Shack Trading Post

The Shanty


​Maverick Mustang Manuscripts  


'Metal Muscle' - There's no substitute for Horse Power!

Bad Bladder Blues

It has been a long time,

Since I have been able to say;

I'll be 'wanting' a wee

In a while.

For many years since,

It's be more a case;

Of that I 'need' a pee,



Going Green

Some say the ham, 

Has had it,

Others reckon it's the smell,

That gives it away.

But too many years,

Of working with petroleum;

Has destroyed my olfactory glands,

Hence its odour means nothing to me.

With the passage of the years,

My sight has slowly 

Diminished as well.

So it's a good job that 

I'm not colour blind.

Isn't it?


That damn comet is getting closer!

The pain is slowly getting worse.

The daily doses of drugs,

I already take;

Rule out chemo as an option.

The permanent pacemaker

Rules out using radiology.

The combination of which;

Makes a physical operation a no-no.

For they cannot promise to be able

To keep my heart stable;

Whilst I'm lying prone on the table.

And they cannot replicate

My now peculiar blood

In volumes required

To be able to validate the needs

Of serious major surgery.

Therefore palliative care,

Seems to be the only solution.

Short of a miracle.